Our Story

Lubicity exists because I believe that there are many great ideas out there that never see the light of day because they fail to have a clear pathway into the minds of the public.

My goal is to find those great ideas, give them a plan, give them an image and then show them to the world.

I have founded a number of businesses over the years and have taken great pride in how they are perceived and adopted in the lives of people.  I want to help you make your dreams come true.


Rick Parks

Rick Parks


Rick Parks is a successful entrepreneur who believes in seeing others succeed.  He has a background in non-profit management and has helped establish a number of organizations over the years. He continues to operate his own successful businesses while enjoying the opportunity to help others build their brands.

He is a father of 2 and the husband of 1 and currently resides in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada